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SANVIK was established by Mr. Adiva Haim, who started his service in the Israel Navy for about 8 years as a major who was responsible for all fire detection and extinguishing systems, handling and maintenance in a large part of naval bases, managing teams with extensive logistics and professional and managerial responsibilities

SANVIK strives to influence and provide added value to the field of construction in the world through professional design, improvement of methods and the establishment of solid foundations that enable renewal and progress

SANVIK specializes in providing professional and comprehensive solutions that combine creative thinking and advanced technology, while ensuring compliance with schedules and safety, quality and budget goals

SANVIK is constantly developing, learning, implementing and finding groundbreaking approaches and moves and always being one step ahead, through human capital that is an integral part of the company's success

Adiva has undergone vocational training, academic studies in the field of industrial management and other quality engineering appointed fire safety and other training. At the end of the trade, Israeli industry was integrated. Much of the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years has included the quality and safety management of leading manufacturers in the defense and civilian industries in Israel. The fields of interest in the companies were: high / low starting electrical production, manufacturing and importing of lighting fixtures, designing and installing solar systems, developing technologies and integrations and more. As part of Adiva's activity in the Israeli industry, he worked with various certification bodies, a number of quality department and certification in the system of various laboratories for the purpose of conducting laboratory tests and experiments and services. And other laboratories in Israel

Areas of practice SANVIK are: design of fire extinguishing systems, design of water systems, plumbing and sewerage, installation of fire extinguishing systems, supervision and management of construction projects, management and quality control of projects, various laboratory tests. Planning, safety and accessibility consulting, planning traffic and parking arrangements, construction planning and consulting and a variety of other services.

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Quality Management

SANVIK regularly accompanies and customises according to the needs of the organization, while building a quality management and standardization program in the organization. Internal in all departments of the organization, performing statistics and metrics to assess the quality level, accompanying periodic external examinations of the standards.

main subjects:

♠ Manage the quality system on all levels
♠ Write quality procedures and update existing           ♠ procedures and work instructions
♠ Performing internal audits according to a quality  ♠program defined in the quality procedures
♠ Build a schedule to carry out training and training defined in the quality procedures
♠ Monitoring and implementing CAPA / corrective actions
♠ Customer complaint handling
♠ Preparation for external audits and representation of the organization with the standards bodies and quality customers
♠ Conducting a customer satisfaction survey, analyzing findings and presenting them to members of the organization's management
♠ Risk Survey Management
♠ Improving and streamlining existing processes
♠ Perform any activity required by a quality manager in the company


The Reasons and Benefits for Varied Outsourcing – There may be a temporary gap to a job, through a small scope of activity that does not require a permanent job, expenses of a company employee, etc., and does not justify a permanent job and a need for special skills that are not present in the organization. Costs, working around the clock and hiring skilled workers at minimal costs Using a method to improve and develop existing systems, building on existing organizational structure.

SANVIK provides you with high quality personnel who are able to enter the workplace almost immediately and give full output.

In fact, in this way, the output of the organization can be optimized and also cost savings.

Quality Management Projects

Quality Management in Projects

This service is in most cases invited by one or other real estate project entrepreneur, including entrepreneurs engaged in the construction of residential buildings and high-rise offices, along with urban renewal and private residential construction developers.

Quality Management in Construction area and Assurance Management – Why is it necessary and necessary for every entrepreneur and contractor?

As with any project planning and as a result, planning according to requirements and standards comes to the site area Raw materials, accessories, products, accompanying equipment and everything defined for the project by planners and architects, and each of the above has an exact technical specification that should meet technical requirements and standards Therefore, performing rigorous and proper quality control prevents many problems such as non-compliance with design requirements that result in many financial costs from revenue, time to repair and repeat operations of project executives and countless other problems.

Therefore, performing and managing appropriate and planned quality control prevents financial losses and valuable time.

Quality control for fire extinguishing system installation in water

As part of the accumulated knowledge and qualifications of SANVIK, among them the design of fire extinguishing systems in accordance with 1596, control, testing and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems in accordance with 1928.

We offer quality inspection and quality control services in connection with the installation of fire extinguishing systems in water, accompanying on-site installation processes and, if necessary, upper supervision.

In addition, the quality control escort processes in the project are conducted according to a controlled quality program that our quality engineer prepares respectively.

This service is also required by an entrepreneur of one or another real estate project, including entrepreneurs who are engaged in the construction of residential buildings and high-rise offices, along with developers from the real estate and urban renewal sector and even entrepreneurs in the residential construction industry.

Department of Planning and Engineering

planning fire extinguishing systems in water

 SANVIK's engineering & systems design department performs detailed designing of the sprinkler systems – according to NFPA 13 standards, hydraulic calculations, design portfolio and submission to the Israeli Standards Institute. ♠ Our planner team has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and providing solutions for the most optimal and cost effective systems, while complying with the required standards. ♠  Hydrant Flow Test: Checking water supply pressures and pressures for designing fire extinguishing systems in water according to the requirements of the Israeli Coal Institute, the tests are carried out by UL / FM approved measuring instruments and when the network data graph is produced.

Installing systems

Fire extinguishing systems are installed in accordance with US Standard NFPA 13

SANVIK systems installation teams have extensive knowledge and experience gained over the years in carrying out complex and varied projects. At the same time, for each installation project, the quality department and the executives prepare a detailed program to ensure the best installation implementation and minimum faults.

Construction & Architecture

  • Construction planning

* Construction design for concrete structures and steel structures

* Examination of existing elements and provision of stability reports

* Calculation and strengthening of structures against earthquakes

* Performing analyzes for structures

  • Static calculations

Performing static calculations in accordance with standards and requirements with an emphasis on cost savings

  • Construction tests and structural stability
  • Engineering design tests and professional opinion
  • Top management and supervision of projects
  • Architectural design and interior design

Global Engineering

Dear Customer, As part of our company policy, we believe in providing reliable, professional and most importantly cost savings

Haim Adiva


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